5 Reasons why TV Shows Have Become better than movies

Flat screen TV with TV series on it

It’s often not tempting to watch certain movies on a small screen at home; the real fun is weighted in cinema halls only. Also, cinema and time are less likely to correspond to each other. Or otherwise, they can be little money consuming.

The virtual characters and their story hold the audience to keep watching the show for longer. TV shows have adapted to what the viewers like and then depict according to it. From the curation of the story to the filming standards, everything has embarked on based on the viewers’ likes and dislikes.

Series or a movie lover, it’s barely close to possibilities to stay ignorant towards TV shows. Below are five reasons as to why the TV series never fail to hit the mainstream:

It offers more control to creators

Movies are generally watched by the cast and their director. Die-hard fans of Robert Pattison are going to watch the twilight and seek interest in it; it’s a sort of proven logic. It’s either the lead cast or director that solidifies the place of success of the movie. Even the reviews are stated based on them.

But the case is not identical to the TV shows. The perpetual thoughts are given to those who deserve it. The storyline picks up most of the fame and success in this case. As such, the creators or writers emphasize better and work much harder to reach more audiences. In other ways, creators are pressured to meet the real likes of the audience watching their TV shows.

It’s becoming an addictive hobby for many

Watching TV shows forms into a habitual act. It’s pretty reasonable considering the count of hours we give in watching those as a daily objective. Viewers get attached to that particular drama, that particular story, and characters.

When the day is set to finish, and you are about to lay longing for a tv show, realize it or not, you are trying to escape from reality. From 9 pm to 2 am, you are done with a single season 5 hours or so with the immense interest. Maybe because Netflix offers unlimited dramas and even Movies for affordable rates, we tend to grab the best out of each penny.

It’s tempting, and viewers are tempted, eventually sending to an addictive side. And yeah, viewers wouldn’t be addicted if the deal and escape weren’t good enough, getting out the whole of tensions away from the day.

In short, it’s the relaxation that keeps us longing for the dramas.

The opportunity for more complex stories

The lead cast in any movie is fewer with more supporting roles, and so the character drama doesn’t stretch to many of the cast members. The plot twists are, however, screened more. That’s because the average duration of movies is 1 hour and 30 mins. The storyline is just one, the flow of which goes to the end.

But on the opposite side, each character is shown with a particular background and drama of their own in TV shows. With each character exploration, the subject to interests increase.

The journey of television series seems to have changed a lot, bit by bit. While the purpose earlier was only about the entertainment with unexpected little twists, it’s less alike. The absence of unexpected twists is very little witnessed in the latest TV shows. Without those, to hit the outrage is far.

Almost infinite possibilities

When talking of infinite possibilities, movies are constricted, but series are mostly on the ‘not’ side. Even the movies’ genres remain fixed to one, two, or three, e.g., comedy, comedy- action, comedy-action-mystery. Therefore, the evaluation of watching a movie that’s no genre likings of yours, a low possibility you have to give positive feedback regardless of how fantastic everything, including the visuals, is.

But such is not the case with TV shows. Amounting the overall episode duration and season, it’s reasonable why the infinite possibilities take a chance.

Genres can be flipped back and forth from comedy to fantasy and back. While one episode makes you cry, the other will bring laughter, the diversity of stories in television dramas is such.

All of this is reasonable only because of the length of TV shows. The possibility of a storyline to another that’s opposite of it can happen as many as infinite times, all in just one show.

More time to adapt and make ongoing changes

In a TV show, even if the commencement is not much of an appealing thing, the later part equally can attract more audience.

And given the audience that the duration is a long one, the adaptability time is simultaneously more. The adaptability stretch only grows to be more robust and firm, bringing some more essence to your life.

But talking of the movies, this adaptability stretch is of small duration, according to the movie’s length. In easy words, the audience is less likely to adapt to the movie story.

Other than that, good actors are required to adapt naturally. But that’s a topic easy to find on any OTT platform. As the demand seems to spike, the best suitable actors are cast. The best yet most underrated actors are seen in this platform series, giving the deserving an opportunity.


Escaping the reality is best done with interacting self in virtual states. For escape or relaxation, TV shows perform to achieve it at the peak. Rather than movies, the season dramas are better due to their better scripting and presentation. In addition to that, with a broader audience withholding more demand, they improve to perfection.

OTT platforms, Netflix in particular, are gaining more popularity with time. Personal thoughts speak of it as not because of any movies being sold there, but primarily because of the dramas. These dramas are too good to be missed.

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