7 Iconic Movie scenes that were happened accidentally

Iconic Movie scenes that were happened accidentally

What are the few things that you all think of when someone says accidental movie scenes? Jamie Alexander paralyzing two of her limbs after falling while shooting for Thor: The Dark World? Sylvester Stallone is spending nine years in the ICU just after shooting for Rocky IV? Bruce Lee’s kid Brandon Lee gets killed because improper loading of a prop gun still bums all of us out.

Today we won’t be talking about these accidents but accidental movie scenes that turned out to be the greatest of all time. The scenes that were supposed to be bloopers became the most iconic scenes of Hollywood.

Seven most iconic scenes that happened by accident

The following few scenes were not planned to be like how they turned out to, and are the most iconic scenes that happened by accident. Get ready to see how these most unexpected movie scenes were made.

  • Apocalypse Now: The weird dance routine that ended up with Martin Sheen bleed his hands.

The movie is great, and its starting and ending scenes were exceptional. While I am sure that many of you loved Martin Sheen’s work in his young days but, I wonder, how many of you know how these two scenes of the movie were made? I bet you would be surprised to know that Sheen improvised the entire starting, and all the freaking out you saw resulted from being drunk, making the starting and the ending two accidental movie scenes. Sheer was so drunk that he just kept on dancing, and when he punches the mirror, he bleeds and wipes his real blood off the face. While the ending scene of the movie was also improvised, the first scene was jaw-droppingly intense.

  • Alien: The chest-burster scene that gave birth to the alien.

Remember how the alien was born? It bursts out of the infected person’s chest. Now, the artists in the scene had no idea how the alien is going to get birth. They had vague details, and no, it was not all animation. Seeing the alien bursting out of the person’s body disgusted the artists so much that all their expressions were real. From when the alien bursts out till the alien ran away, every expression on every face on the screen was real, and those expressions made the scene one of those accidental movie scenes you cannot forget.

  • The Usual Suspects: The lineup scene in which everyone kept laughing.

Who could have imagined that a person’s fart can cause one of the most iconic scenes in the history of Hollywood? The lineup scene was not supposed to be funny. Benicio Del Toro kept on farting, and everybody at first did try to hold the laughter and kept on trying for some time but then just lost it. Toro’s farts made this scene one of the accidental movie scenes that changed the scene’s narrative. Singer, the director, got so angry every time someone giggled, and that caused the crew to lose it and laugh. In the end, Bryan gave up and allowed the actors not only to continue improvising, but he kept the scene.

  • Fight Club: Tyler Durden, punching Brad Pitt’s ear.

Remember when Brad Pitt kept asking Tyler Durden to hit him, and then he did as he was asked to do? In the script, it was written that Durden was supposed to throw a fake punch on the shoulder. Before beginning the scene David Fincher, the director, told Durden to try and punch Pitt on the ear for real, and he did that and made this scene one of the accidental movie scenes that can’t be forgotten by the actors. Brad, surprised and in pain, curses Tyler and shouts, “You hurt my ear!”

  • The Godfather: The scene with the cat on Vito’s lap.

No, the cat was not a part of the script. Marlon Brando, the actor who played Don Vito Corleone, and Francis Ford Coppola, the director, found the cat roaming around. The cat that caused this scene to be one of those accidental movie scenes was a stray. Brando just played with the cat while the scene goes on, and it surprisingly changed the character of the mafia lord and the whole movie. Vito was just a mafia lord now, but now he was a mafia lord who had a soft corner for cats.

The scene and the film’s timeline turned epic because of the cat, but it also got almost ruined. The cat didn’t stop purring throughout the shoot that day. Vito was not audible to be heard right when the cat was purring. The crew was worried and thought that they would have to use subtitles. They somehow managed, but purring can still be heard if you play the movie.

That cat is not only a part of such accidental movie scenes but a game as well.

The cat was also going to be in the game that came after, but they ended up just putting the meowing of the cat and the mobsters saying, “Sounds like the cats are fighting.”

  • The Dark Knight:

The Dark Knight does not have just one epic scene, but two of the many most epic accidental movie scenes in Hollywood’s history.

  1. The Clap: The script said that the Joker is sitting in the cell after getting arrested, and everyone is patting on Gordon’s back for doing such a great job and getting promoted. Now, Heath Ledger just started clapping sarcastically out of nowhere, and everybody got surprised. Christopher Nolan, the director, was impressed, and he kept the camera rolling. This most unexpected move by Heath made this scene one of the most unexpected movie scenes.
  2. The Bomb Blast: According to the script, the whole hospital was supposed to come down after clicking and giving one final blow but what happened was the remote malfunctioned. Now, Heath started banging on the device. One of the bangs worked, the explosion happened, and Heath jumped in surprise.


While many accidents on movie sets took away many great artists from this world and caused many paralyzed limbs and permanent organ damages, many accidental movie scenes gave Hollywood the most iconic scenes that could not have been occurred or have been scripted otherwise. These scenes will remain in the viewers’ eyes, especially after getting to know that most of these happened because of accidents.


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