Top 10 movie roles that traumatized actors

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Actors drench wholly into the character of their movie role just for the viewers to live through it. Months after stacking with the reel character, it happens for actors to come out from the character.

But have you any time come across the term ‘actor trauma’?

Yes, movie heroes’ lives seem to be perfect in the movie, but the complete opposite happens in real. The majority of movies symbolize being healthy, both physically and emotionally. Actors, also being a human, are traumatized sometime after the movie role is over:

Anne Hathaway as Fantine in Les Misérables

Even after Anne won herself an Oscar for the movie role as Fantine, she reported that she lacked something emotionally and physically. She also claims that her reactions to the world were not the same and that to return to normal, it took her weeks.

Heather Donahue as Heather Donahue in The Blair Witch Project

Each individual of the cast went through something called actor trauma. None had the idea of what was coming in the wood setups. Neither were they cautioned with what the director’s move was. It was an every night objective for the cast member to be disturbed, resulting in anxiety.

But specifically, it was Heather to be most devastated with an actor trauma that seemed not to leave even after the movie was released.

Her acting as a dead person came up as a difficult task.

Because she was working hard for a ‘name,’ the role of a dead person was complex.

Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace in Halloween

At the age of 7, Kyle Richards, being a young kid, experienced what actor trauma is in the movie- Halloween.

While the movie’s shoots went smooth and delicate from her side, the shattering happened after watching the premier. The mess was to reside for years and that she had been sleeping with her mother until the age of 15.

It is said that the ‘actor trauma’ was perpetual, with no idea of what was going on in the shoot until the parts of the movie were over and set to watch. It was terrifying for the teenager to watch it.

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

Oscars surely don’t guarantee the results of any actor trauma. The Joker in the Dark Knight- received worldwide appreciations and also an Oscar. But the consequences came to Heath ledger.

To bring the best outcomes of the Joker movie role, Hedge ledger decided to stray himself from the rest by locking up in a hotel room. The span lasted for over a month, in which he was dedicated to creating a joker diary.

The actor was disturbed by his thoughts and thoughts that affected his sleeping schedule, the hours of which narrowed to just two in a day.

He’s one of the most famous actors that unfortunately left the fans with his sudden demise.

Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren in The Conjuring 2

It’s quite apparent to be struck with an actor trauma in a movie like ‘The Conjuring 2’.

As for Patrik Wilson, he was obliged to think that his house was haunted for real. Even when the movie’s shoot was on its pace, the ‘priest’ was called off as not to bring bad energy.

This movie’s role was kept to bring fears lingering in and around Patrick Wilson.

Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist

She hadn’t caught any actor trauma, but regrets not evaluating the answers asked regarding demon possessions and particular faith questions.

In the movie- The Exorcist, the horror has one of the youngest and famous actors, Linda Blair. Her actings are so flawless even to doubt if she ignored any trauma then or after.

Shelley Duvall as Wendy Torrance in The Shining

The shooting that led to an actor trauma was stretched to a duration of 13 months. That baseball scene was retaken over 127 times.

The actor reports having suffered a painful experience with spending almost half the day’s total hours in just screaming.

She’s one of those famous actors who have endured unwanted trauma for a role.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass in The Revenant

From the character to shooting locations, Leonardo did his best despite having to surf with an ‘actor trauma.’

The set’s locations had a sub-zero temperature where the actor was supposed to take dives in a freezing river. All he put on was a soggy and a frozen bearskin. He was also needful to eat a raw liver.

The role bagged Leonardo with an Oscar but eventually caught him with a fever.

Being one of the most successful and famous actors, Leonardo reports that he attained a next level difficulty and is not complaining.

Marilyn Burns as Sally Hardesty in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Considering that the movie was a traumatic experience, the roles as well comprised a snippet of it.

Marilyn Burns had experienced the most of an actor trauma.

While most of the scenes were traumatizing, the dinner assembled was a further molded trauma. When the actor was being hit on her head, followed by cutting open of the finger, is a frightening part, claims Marilyn. Also, she was tied and had to scream for a long duration, which was tiring.

Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

To live the reel character, Depp went on to live in Thompson’s house basement for months, where he took the nights beside gunpowders.

Despite so much hard work, the movie failed to meet the popularity, neither were the works of him received praises.

Acting, perhaps, isn’t all about what we see behind the screens. When we think it’s elementary, reality lay as the complete opposite.

The meeting of expectations is the toughest that takes the roles to the next level, testing the true abilities.


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