Top Streaming Services to Watch Movies Online For Free in Indonesia

Top Streaming Movies Services to Watch Online For Free

Everyone likes to watch movies online and this is the era of online streaming. New websites and platforms for streaming of movies and content are being created. But many of the sites that stream movies are paid. Many people don’t like to pay that much amount for a monthly or annual subscription of a site or a streaming app.

Luckily there are apps that let you stream movies and a large number of content of free. Some of these sites also allow you to download movies. There are a lot of sites to choose from that you allow you streaming film free and thus it creates confusion that which Streaming service you should or shouldn’t choose.

Some of the Indonesian and Vietnamese sites offer Streaming service that allows you streaming film free. You can watch and download online free movies. You can read the reviews and decide for yourself which film streaming website you want to choose from.

Cinema 21

Cinema 21 is website that offers Streaming services for movie streaming and downloads. It has a large variety of movies to choose from and the movies are laid out in such a manner that they are easy to find and watch.

You can watch latest movies from Hollywood as well as a large number of Asian movies including Hindi, South Indian and Indonesian movies. Cinema 21 offers a large collection of movies that are both critically acclaimed and the commercially successful ones.

There is also a search option if you want to search a particular movie. The menu of the Cinema 21 site lets you choose according to the different category. You can select a category based on the popularity of the movies, the ratings of the movie or the genre of the movie,

You can also find the latest releases as well as the old and classic movies if you want to revisit or just watch a classic film. The site also provides subtitles and you can find Indonesian titles if you are looking for them.

Cinema 21: Streaming Film Service - Indonesia!
One of the best streaming movie services in Indonesia

There are some pros and cons of the site.


  • The site offers a huge variety of movies.
  • You have a lot of genres to choose from.
  • The movies are simple to find and the ratings and a synopsis of the plot is given.
  • You can watch Online free movies and also download movies to watch them later.


  • The site uses Indonesian language so it becomes a little difficult to navigate.
  • There is a chance of getting malware into the device.

Cinema Perak

Cinema Perak is also a website that provides Streaming service and lets you watch Movies online for free and you can also download movies from this site. You can use the menu to sort the movies through different categories. The different categories available are popular movies, movies with top IMDb ratings, movies that have other ratings and movies with different genres.

There are also a variety of genres available on the site like comedy, romance, action, thriller, science, fiction, drama, horror, crime, fantasy and mystery.

Cinema Perak offers the latest movies from all around the world in various languages. One more feature of the site that you can also search movies alphabetically in addition to the general search option.

Cinema Perak - Indonesian Movie streaming service
Other great example of good streaming movie site is Cinema Perak

Cinema Perak also provides Hollywood movies, Indian and South Indian movies and Asian movies too. This makes the site full of variety and a one stop for all kinds of movie.


  • The site has a nice option of alphabetical search which makes finding and selecting movies easier.
  • There is a huge variety of old and new movies and Cinema Perak allows you Streaming film free.
  • The different categories also make it easier to find the movies that you want or the ones that are more popular or the ones with the top rating.


  • The site uses Indonesian language. This makes it difficult to navigate for the ones who don’t know the language.
  • Not all movies may be available on the site.


This is a website that provides Streaming service and you can watch Online free movies and the site allows you to download movies. CinemaEMAS provides different categories that let you choose from a variety of movies depending on the box office collection, rating or genre of the movie.

You can select the movies based on the popular rating. You can also safely stream the movies of the site. It has many movies and also includes movies according to the season and also many animated movies. It has movies of all genres, thus it has everything for all age groups.

When you search movies, the site also suggests different movies related to the search word. This also helps in finding movies using keywords.


  • The site has movies for all age groups and you can find all kinds of movies here.
  • The search option suggests movies with the help of alphabets and keywords.
  • The categories make it easier to find the movies as well.


  • The site is very similar to other sites and is not unique.
  • The site uses Indonesian language which makes it difficult to navigate the site.
CinemaEMAS movie streaming service
Big range of movies available at CinemaEMAS web site


Cinemakeren is another site for Streaming free films. This is also a very nice site for watching and downloading movies. There are many categories that help to find desirable movies on the site. You can use the popular option in the menu to look for the popular movies on the site. You can also look for the movies with the best ratings in the Best Rating option in the menu.

There are also many genres to choose from. You can also find the movies differentiated by genre on the home page of the site. There is also a request option on the menu that you can use to put in any movie requests.

You can find the latest movies and the movies have been given stars and ratings which help you to decide what movie you should watch. There is also an option to watch the trailer of the movie when you click on a movie thumbnail.

Cinemakeren - free movie streaming site
Good interface and wide range of movies is a strong side of the Cinemakeren web site


  • The stars and ratings tell which movie you should and shouldn’t watch.
  • There is a huge variety to choose from.
  • The categories help in making a better choice.


  • The site is also very similar to other sites and is doesn’t have a unique homepage.
  • It, too, doesn’t use English language so it makes it difficult to understand.


Garuda21 is another website that provides Streaming service and gives you permission for streaming film free of cost and also allows you to download Movies online. You can watch Online free movies as this site allows film streaming for free.

Garuda21 allows alphabetic search and this option is available on the top of the homepage. This makes finding movies easier as they are alphabetically sorted. You can find new releases and uploads on the home page. They also have the OTT platforms original content too.

They have the old and new Hollywood movies and in addition to that, they have Asian movies as well including Indian, South Indian and Indonesian etc. There is also a wide variety for genre distribution and you can choose movies based on the recommended movies on the homepage divided by genre.

Garuda21 - Good movie streaming service
Good media player is a strong side of Garuda21 movie service

The site also has a menu that categorizes the movies to help you to better navigate the site. The different categories that help you differentiate are popularity of the movie, film genre and top IMDb ratings.


  • The alphabetic sorting of the movies makes it easy to find movies.
  • There is a wide variety to choose from including Hollywood and Asian and all genres.
  • The site is free so you can do film streaming and watch Online free movies.
  • They also stream new releases and old classic movies.


  • The language barrier is another main issue as many non natives cannot understand the language of the site and what certain words mean.
  • This page is also not unique in its approach and is very similar to other sites with the movies displayed and the homepage layout.


These were some of the Indonesian sites that provide Streaming service. These sites are really good as they provide Movies online for streaming and downloading. All of these sites have a lot of similar factors. The sites provide the service of streaming for film gratis which means free of charge.

They all include different categories to differentiate movies like genres, ratings and popularity. They also have trailers and synopsis options to have an idea about the movie. They are a good option for people who don’t want to pay for streaming services as they provide Online free movies. These services also don’t require a lot of data and you can adjust the video quality according to your data speed. A good thing is they not only stream old movies but also new releases which are hard to find on platforms sometimes.

The main problem is the language barrier that comes in between of understanding. The sites are also very similar but that can be ignored because of the amount of content they provide.


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